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13.12.2016 / Events

The artistic awards from the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship in the field of culture

The awards ceremony was held yesterday at 5 p.m. in the Rialto Cinema Theatre in three categories: artistic, young creators and promotion and protection of cultural heritage. The winners were presented with the awards by a member of the Voivodeship Board of Silesia, Henry Mercik.
09.12.2016 / Our films

"The Happiness of the World" premiere

On December 16 the premiere of the film co-financed by the Silesian Film Fund and directed by Michał Rosa, "The Happiness of the World" is taking place in the Rialto Cinema Theatre. At 7 p.m. we shall present you the Silesia that no longer exists... One week later the film will be in cinemas across Poland.
05.12.2016 / Events

A History in a film: Wujek, 1981

The Silesian Film Archive will remind us of the events that took place in 1981 in the Wujek coal mine that were reconstructed by Kazimierz Kutz in his film that will be presented in the Kosmos Cinema on 12 December. The screening of "Death as a Slice of Bread" recorded on 35 mm tape will be accompanied by the interview with Wojciech Sarnowicz and Jakub Zajdel, as well as a reportage from a film set.
04.12.2016 / Our films

"Memories of Summer" among the winners of the 21. Forum of European Cinema Orlen Cinergia

On Friday, the Award for Polish Debuts and Career's Second Films went to Adam Guziński, the director of the "Memories of Summer"- a film co-financed by the Silesian Film Fund.
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