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Kino Kosmos

A legendary cinema situated in the Koszutka district, Katowice. The driving force of the SILESIA-FILM Institute and the place where its interdisciplinary activity is rendered to the fullest. It is where premieres of films co-financed by the Silesian Film Fund take place, where film workshops for both younger and a bit older film enthusiasts are organized, as well as meetings with film stars, discussions co-organized with the Tygodnik Powszechny as part of the “Thinking Live” programme, or overviews of cultural rarities, which cannot be seen in any other cinema. It is here that the Cosmic Club of Children Activity KAKADU has its seat, where parents can come to watch a film… with their new-born babies. Also here it is always a good Time for Seniors to see an interesting film and talk about it afterwards. Here, frequenters of the Connoisseur Film Archive can delight in watching film gems from the only regional collection of the sort in Poland, the Silesian Film Archive. Here, transmissions from the Metropolitan Opera in New York are available live and in HD quality. And every year in October, it is right here that the heart of the International Festival of Film Producers REGIOFUN starts to beat anew.

Apart from its program activity, the Kosmos Cinema runs a MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY open to everybody (and – mind you - up to 8 p.m.!) with the catalogue of over 3500 titles already available on DVD and still expanding! Everyone can watch films free of charge here - and such titles at that which cannot be found in any DVD or Video rental – and get engrossed in books or flick through the Polish and foreign film magazines. And before watching a film, one can drop into the PRE-SHOW GALLERY – exhibitions displayed there are truly cosmic!

Like any film galaxy situated at an 11-minute walking distance from the Spodek Arena (whose name can be translated as the Flying Saucer Arena) which lies underneath a power line, the Kosmos Cinema catalyses energy and instantly stimulates reality. Not only does it light up its both auditoria but also the faces of the visitors who come in. Watch out, the earth is full of aliens!

Kino Kosmos

ul. Sokolska 66
40-087 Katowice, Poland
tel. 32 258 05 08
fax: 32 351 12 23