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Kino Światowid

The most camouflaged and at the same time the feistiest among the SILESIA FILM Institute’s cinemas. Though hidden behind a backyard gate, it has nothing to do with conspiracy – it beckons all the enthusiasts of good cinematography with a neon sign, which casts a bright glare within a few-metre radius. The glare of the neon light seems even brighter thanks to the history of the cinema, which can be traced back to 1909 when the “Colosseum” - the largest cinematic theatre in the Upper Silesia - was built on that same spot.

The Światowid has not lost any of the might or spunk of its predecessor. Dynamic, unpretentious, or even controversial and insolently provocative – it does not quail before excesses and challenges, especially during events dedicated to particular titles. Here one can expect anything really… apart from commercialism. Thus, the Światowid is on friendly terms with film festivals from Europe, Asia and South America, independent film festivals, or the New Horizons of Film Education programme – it is an expressive cinema, open to the whole world. And every now and then, its two auditoria turn out to be decisively too small to contain the wealth of the globe solely in the screenings.

The Światowid Cinema has its own legend, namely Mr Manager who – by giving orders to the ancient deity (Svetovid) – makes not only distributors tremble in the face of his wrath… And since in the Światowid everything is subject to the viewer, the show must go on!

Kino Światowid

ul. 3 maja 7
40-096 Katowice, Poland
tel/fax 32 258 74 32