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Kinoteatr Rialto

A place so classic it seems almost alternative. The Rialto has been active without interruptions since 1913 – at the beginning it bore the name of Kammerlichtspiele, then Kammer – Lichtspiele, and later consecutively: Rialto, Słońce (the Sun), UFA – Theater Rialto. Even though the legendary cigar smoking room does not exist any longer, still elegant parlour smells waft in the air. Here, at the café tables, the classy meet the alternative.

With the help of a porcelain pot of freshly brewed tea, the Rialto unites generations – its interiors are occupied by both the Senior and the Youth Film Clubs. Here the Music and Cabaret Stage is active, theatre performances are presented, various film festivals are held, like the Mountain Film Festival, the “Thinking Green” Eco-Culture Festival, the Katowice Photo Landing Operation, as well as various film events devoted to world filmmakers. In the Rialto one can dance (during concerts the tables give way to the element), have a date (nothing like a nice evening in the company of the not-too-shabby sex and watching a film while sitting… not on a typical chair, but at a stylish table), or dream (on the balcony the auditorium is fitted with comfortable cinema seats padded with red broadcloth). But first and foremost, one can get well-disposed towards life here.

As benefits a place with holistic aspirations towards the questions of existence and art, the Rialto Cinema Theatre is at the helm of the traffic circulation around the 5th platform – once the most famous part of the Katowice railway station, situated at its back. And, most importantly, the Rialto watches over the reconstruction of the market place, from which it is separated only by a flyover… and a two-minute walk.

Kinoteatr Rialto

ul. św. Jana 24
40-012 Katowice, Poland
tel/fax 32 251 04 31