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20 February 2018

10 years of the Silesian Film Fund and the 11th call for entries to the film financing competition

10 years ago in 2008, thanks to the openness of the Silesian voivodeship’s government, among others, the Silesian Film Fund was founded – the first Polish film fund covering an entire voivodeship, ran by the Silesia Film Institute.

Through 10 years of is activities, more than 10 million PLN were invested

60 films received support, including:

  • 25 feature films
  • 26 documentaries
  • 4 short films
  • 5 animated films


Together, the films supported by the Silesian Film Fund were watched in Polish cinemas by almost 3 million viewers. Some of the titles to receive support are:

  • Ari Folman’s The Congress – awarded by the European Film Academy
  • Leszek Dawid’s You are God – awarded at the Gdynia Film Festival
  • Maciej Pieprzyca’s Life Feels Good – awarded at festivals in Montreal, Moscow and Gdynia
  • Maciej Pieprzyca’s I’m a Killer – awarded at festivals in Chicago, Shanghai and Gdynia
  • Marcin Wrona’s Demon – awarded at festivals in Austin and Brussels
  • Cold War, the latest film by Oscar winner Paweł Pawlikowski


Currently, the following films supported by the SFF are in production or post-production:

  • Cold War, the latest film by Oscar winner Paweł Pawlikowski
  • The Day of Chocolate, dir. Jacek Bławut, year of funding: 2014
  • Valley of the Gods, dir. Lech Majewski, year of funding: 2014
  • Andrew Warhola, My Factory, dir. Bogdan Dziworski, year of funding: 2015
  • I Am Lying Now, dir. Paweł Borowski,  year of funding: 2015
  • Diary of a Trip to Budapest, dir. Maciej Sobieszczański


Thanks to the existence of the Silesian Film Fund and the Silesia Film Commission, the Silesian region became attractive to film producers, both those working on large projects in Poland, but also outside of it. Every year, more than a dozen films are produced, with each one connected with Silesia either by theme or location. Every film realized in our region brings quantifiable benefits to the voivodeship, including work for local entrepreneurs – not only film workers, but also service providers, actors, extras. Additionally, the promotional value resulting from supporting film productions is inestimable. The films realized in our region allow viewers from Poland and all over the world to see how varied Silesia actually is.



Rules and Regulations of the Silesian Film Fund

The deadline for submissions is March 12, 2018 at 1.00 pm.