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7 January 2019

2019. A YEAR WITH KAZIMIERZ KUTZ at the Silesia Film Institute

The year 2019 at Silesia Film Film Institution was to be a year with Kazimierz Kutz on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Film Institution Silesia Film decided in this particular way to honor the director, whose artistic identity is extremely strongly connected with Silesia and whose creativity largely shaped the image of the region from which he originated. Unfortunately, life has written a completely different script and “the year with Kazimierz Kutz” will be the first year without him. The events planned by the Film Film Institution take on a different dimension, although it will still be a year of meetings with his original and unique work.

In his films, Kutz manifests himself as an individual with a brilliant sense of humor and a powerful dose of irony, but also full of sensitivity and penetration, a portraitist of human emotions, for whom realistic observation becomes a tool for extracting psychological truth. Young and rebellious polemicizing in his first films with masters and teachers, seeking his own way, a film-maker and idealist, in the end – Kutz, the best-known poet, returning to his native land, the Silesian land.

The retrospective of films by Kazimierz Kutz, presented throughout 2019 at the Kosmos Cinema, shows a fascinating picture of the artist and a man whose output will forever remain one of the most important and the most original on the map of Polish cinema.

As part of the first full retrospective for 19 years, Kazimierz Kutz’s 19 films will be presented, arranged in chronological order. Viewers will see both the first films, such as “Cross of Valor”, “Nobody calls”, as well as all parts of the Silesian trilogy. A great attraction will be the opportunity to see the rarely remembered achievements of the creator, such as “Heat” – a comedic debut of the director being a continuation of the Cabaret of Elders, a chamber psychological drama “Tarpany” or “Jump” with Daniel Olbrychski, Marian Opania and debuting at screen of Małgorzata Braunek. The films will be presented from original media, i.e. from 35 mm tapes. from the collections of the Silesian Film Archive and from copies subjected to digital reconstruction. Film screenings will be accompanied by meetings, lectures by film experts and documentary films presenting the silhouette of the director.

As part of the YEAR WITH KAZIMIERZ KUTZ, the Film Institution Silesia Film has already released a calendar with photos from the director’s films, and plans to organize other events as well. exhibition of frames from his films, publication of texts with young critics analyzing the work of the Master or a review of favorite films by Kazimierz Kutz (selected by the artist himself). Information on the next parts of the program YEAR WITH KAZIMIERZ KUTZ will be posted on the current website of Kosmos Cinema and on the website of Silesia Film Institution.

Kazimierz Kutz on the set of the film “Anybody knows …”, photo: Jerzy Troszczyński, © Filmoteka Narodowa – Audiovisual Institute 1966

Retrospective program:

January 17 | Thursday 18.00 | “Cross of Valor” (1958)

February 17 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Nobody calls” (1960)

February 24 | Sunday | 18.00 | “People on the train” (1961)

March 14 | Thursday 18.00 | “Tarpany” (1961)

March 24 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Silence” (1963)

April 11 | Thursday 18.00 | “Heat” (1964)

April 28 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Whoever knows …” (1966)

May 16 | Thursday 18.00 | “Jump” (1967)

May 30 | Thursday 18.00 | “Salt of the Black Earth” (1969)

June 13 | Thursday 18.00 | “Pearl in the Crown” (1971)

July 7 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Line” (1974)

August 25 | Sunday | 18.00 | “From nowhere to nowhere” (1975)

September 12 | Thursday 18.00 | “Beads of one rosary” (1979)

September 26 | Thursday 18.00 | “I will stand on guard” (1983)

October 10 | Thursday 18.00 | “Brothers will be coming soon” (1985)

October 27 | Sunday | 18.00 | “The horrible dream of Dzidzius Górkiewicz” (1993)

November 10 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Converted” (1994)

December 15 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Death as a slice of bread” (1994)

December 29 | Sunday | 18.00 | “Pułkownik Kwiatkowski” (1995)

Tickets at PLN 14 and 12 are available at the Kino Kosmos box office and at filmowa.net

Kazimierz Kutz on the set of the film “Perła w koronie”, photo: Jerzy Troszczyński, © Filmoteka Narodowa – Audiovisual Institute 1971

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