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15 January 2018

„A like Araki” – the latest book by Natalia Gruenpeter published by SILESIA FILM Institute

„A like Araki” – the latest book by Natalia Gruenpeter published by SILESIA FILM Institute

Like from a comic book, drawn with a thick line, in neon colours like that of school highlighters and shamelessly youthful, as befits a rebel. Such is the cinema of Gregg Araki, who from the end of the eighties has been telling us with the same verve about growing up and his rebellious heroes, whom he truly adores. Considered one of the most important creators of the New Queer Cinema, Araki has shown that about the story of a rebellion, alienation and identity can be told using the already known yet transformed language like the slang of the youth.

This fascination with the love for the cinema, youth and experiments was excellently captured by the Silesian film expert Natalia Gruenpeter together with Jadwiga Lemańska, a local graphic designer, perfectly finding herself in the expressive aesthetics of “pop trash”.

We are pleased to announce that this mutual love gave birth to a book “A like Araki”, the alphabet that will bring us closer to the most important of Gregg Araki’s works, the motifs and inspirations returning in his films, which the director drew from the French New Wave as well as from television film series and roadside advertisements.

“A like Araki” is a collection of essays dedicated to the chosen motifs from Gregg Araki’s works, an independent American filmmaker, one of the leading creators of the New Queer Cinema. The book includes 24 short texts inspired by the key words arranged in alphabetical order. The idea is tricky – although it may suggest an order, in fact, it has something anarchistic in itself. The eccentric formula of the book makes it impossible to get a holistic approach to the work of the California filmmaker, thus it introduces an element of play into the reflection.

The premiere of the “A like Araki” is taking place on 24 October during the American Film Festival in Wrocław, where you could watch such films as “Doom Generation”, “Mysterious Skin” and “Kaboom”. In the meanwhile, in November 22 – 24, in the Katowice’s Kosmos Cinema, you can watch three of Araki’s masterpieces preceded by the commentary by the author of the book,  Natalia Gruenpeter.

List of places where you can purchase the book.

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