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17 July 2018

“I Will Find You” – the Silesian premiere featuring the film’s creators in the Światowid Cinema

On Monday, July 23 at 7.00 pm, the Silesian premiere of the film I Will Find Youdirected by the brilliant documentary filmmaker Beata Dzianowicz will take place in the Światowid Cinema. The screening will be honored by guest appearances, including by the film’s director and stars – Michał Żurawski and Dariusz Chojnacki.

Partially funded by the Silesian Film Fund, I Will Find You was filmed at several Silesian locations, including the International Congress Centre in Katowice, the „Szombierki” Heat Power Station in Bytom and at terrains of the Polish Jura. It is worth mentioning that the film crew is very closely tied to the region. The director is from Katowice and many members of the cast are regular actors of the Silesian Theatre, including Dariusz Chojnacki, one of the main stars.

I Will Find You is generally a film of miracles. It’s proof that a Polish thriller is not necessarily meant to be a secondhand work of no ambition, and that you can make auteur cinema while masterfully utilizing genre conventions at the same time,” writes film critic Łukasz Maciejewski.

The film’s protagonist is Justa, a police officer – she is chasing a soldier, who has the lives of almost all of his squad members on his conscience. The action thickens when the criminal kidnaps Justa’s daughter.

Starring the praised Michał Żurawski, Dariusz Chojnacki, Piotr Stramowski and Ewa Kaim, named the „Polish Jodie Foster.”

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of the Światowid Cinema and at filmowa.net