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11 April 2018

Industria is a woman. The SILESIAN FILM ARCHIVE collects films about industry

Due to the upcoming Industriada – a celebration of the Industrial Monuments Route – the Silesian Film Archive is searching for amateur films made within workers’ housing terrains and industrial plants – ironworks, mines, factories, etc. We collect the films until May 20.

We want to take a look not only at the organization of working time, but the ways of spending free time as well – in neighborhoods, on company trips, work holidays. Thus, we ask you to take a look around your homes or in company archives – perhaps they hide film tapes documenting our lives, not just to the rhythm of omnipresent machinery, but often outside of their influence.

There are many films documenting the industrial legacy of the region – but the filmography is still incomplete. It lacks individual reference points, small stories of specific people, seemingly common, everyday events. They made up the rhythm, style and culture of the people living in our region. Thus, every film tape (8 mm, super 8mm, 16 mm and 35 mm) to find its way to the Silesian Film Archive will be checked by our by conservators, then moistened, cleaned and finally digitized. The digital films will be screened as part of an event at this year’s Industriada – the biggest festival dedicated to industrial culture in this part of Europe, coordinated by the Silesian Voivodeship’s government. This way, we will tell the story of all the changes happening in our region.

This year, Industria is a woman

The world of industry was never solely masculine, which is why this year’s festival gives the floor to women. It will present facts, until now, known only to experts, reveal the actresses hidden in shadow. It will show the meaning of women’s work to economic and social life. It will not forget about Queen Luiza and Joanna Grycik, the Silesian Cinderella and the richest 6 year old in Europe.

This is why we are especially interested in all films portraying machinery and the influence of women on industrial culture.

Please bring the film tapes to the Silesia Film Archive located at the Kosmos Cinema on Sokolska 66 in Katowice (entry to offices from Morcinka) until May 20.

Today at 11.00 am in Fabryka Porcelany (the China Factory), the Industriada 2018 press conference took place. The following people took part in the conference:

Patryk Tomiczek – director of the Silesia Film Institute,

Aleksandra Kandzia–Ulrych – vice-chairman of the Giesche Foundation, overseer of the China Factory space,

Adam Hajduga – manager of the Industrial Heritage Promotion Office at the Department of Culture of the Silesia Voivodeship’s Marshal Office, responsible for organizing Industriada.

A recording from the press conference.