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1 February 2018

The Silesian premiere of „The Giant’s Return” + meeting with Adam Sikora

We invite you to the SILESIAN PREMIERE of the absolutely marvelous film “The Giant’s Return” and a meeting with its director Adam Sikora and actress Barbara Lubos. The premiere will take place on February 15 (Thursday) at 6.00 pm at the Rialto Cinema.

When an artist of Adam Sikora’s format (“Bruno Schulz,” “Eve,” “Exiled,” cinematographer of many films, including “Wojaczek”, “The Mill and the Cross,” “I, Olga Hepnarová,” “Essential Killing,” “Four Nights with Anna”, “The Forest”) produces a fully authorial project, one should expect something which evades the possibility of verbal description.… “The Giant’s Return” – the continuation of the earlier film „The Giant” – is a dreamlike study of melancholy, touching with the beauty of its visuals and full of anxiety in its diagnoses of the film world.

After the screening, we invite you to a meeting with the director and cinematographer – Adam Sikora. He will be joined at the Rialto Cinema by actress Barbara Lubos, also recognized for her vocal talents. With two such characters in this very music-friendly space, it would be impossible to do without musical attractions, even if their ultimate form remains a mystery.

Specifically for this evening, Adam Sikora prepared an exhibition of photos from the film set. We invite you to this unique, one-in-a-lifetime evening.