Na zdjęciu mężczyzna i kobieta siedzący w samochodzie. W tle katowicki Spodek.
„Close-ups”, dir. Magdalena Piekorz, fot. Adam Golec, © WFDiF


director: Magdalena Piekorz, production: 2014, Poland

Magdalena Piekorz’s film is a psychological study of the difficult relationship between a mother and an adult daughter, starring Ewa Wiśniewska, Joanna Orleańska, and Łukasz Simlat. The film was almost entirely shot in locations in Katowice – both in outdoor locations and in buildings, mainly in austere interiors and narrow shots, which perfectly conveyed the claustrophobic nature of the relationship between mother and daughter and the growing tension between the characters in the film. 

In the photo: Joanna Orleańska and Łukasz Simlat against the background of Spodek in Katowice.