• Nothing that is film-related is alien to us!

    We tend our celluloid tapes – we moisten, clean and preserve them. We store gems of the Polish and world cinematography in our archives, wipe dust off of them and give them new lives. And we make DVDs, books and magazines available to the public in the Multimedia Library of the Silesian Archive on daily basis. Completely free of charge!

    We protect our film heritage
  • Are you looking for a movie theatre you could become really fond of?

    You need to see the Rialto, the Swiatowid, the Kosmos, the Janosik and the Baltic. In each and every one of them, you will meet open-minded and friendly people – they are the ones who select movies for screening, never boring ones… but nothing to pamper you either! In our theatres you are supposed to think!

    And the ambience…!

    We run arts movie theatres
  • We help filmmakers!

    Are you looking for a dash of greatness (instead of slapdash)? So we may well try and look for it together. Apply for financial support to the Silesian Film Fund or get in touch with the Silesia Film Commission – we have the best contacts!

    We support film production
We protect our film heritage
We run arts movie theatres
We support film production

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6 February 2018 / Inne

The Silesian Digitarium. Digitalization and providing access to the resources of Silesian cultural institutions

The Silesian Digitarium is a project ran in cooperation between four cultural institutions of the Silesian Voivodeship: the Silesian Library (project leader), the Regional Institute of Culture, Silesia Film Institute and the Silesian Opera in Bytom. The goal of this venture is digitalization of the cultural resources of Silesia and providing access to them through a complex system of digitization, archiving and presenting collections. As a result, 153 TB of data will be gathered, while users on the internet will be granted access to more than 93 000 objects: written documents, films, historic exhibits, opera props and costumes.
1 February 2018 / Wydarzenia

The Silesian premiere of „The Giant’s Return” + meeting with Adam Sikora

We invite you to the SILESIAN PREMIERE of the absolutely marvelous film “The Giant’s Return” and a meeting with its director Adam Sikora and actress Barbara Lubos. The premiere will take place on February 15 (Thursday) at 6.00 pm at the Rialto Cinema.
30 January 2018 / Wydarzenia

The grand re-premiere of Kazimierz Kutz’s digitally renewed „Pearl in the Crown” and the Master’s 89th birthday

The SILESIA FILM Institute and the Marshal Office of the Silesia Voivodeship invite everyone to the grand re-premiere of the digitally renewed film PEARL IN THE CROWN, directed by Kazimierz Kutz, as well as celebrations of the Master’s 89th birthday.
15 January 2018 / Wydarzenia , Festiwale i przeglądy

Trespassing Bergman – on the director’s 100th birthday

This year marks the 100th birthday of Ingmar Bergman. Every month throughout the year, the Silesian Film Archive will invite viewers to participate in events related to the director’s life and work. The programme will include i.a. a retrospective of films by Bergman which set the direction of cinema, screenings of documentaries, exhibitions, discussions, meetings with researchers and enthusiasts of the director’s body of work. We start towards the end of January!
15 January 2018 / Other , Events

„A like Araki” – the latest book by Natalia Gruenpeter published by SILESIA FILM Institute

Like from a comic book, drawn with a thick line, in neon colours like that of school highlighters and shamelessly youthful, as befits a rebel. Such is the cinema of Gregg Araki, who from the end of the eighties has been telling us with the same verve about growing up and his rebellious heroes, whom he truly adores. Considered one of the most important creators of the New Queer Cinema, Araki has shown that about the story of a rebellion, alienation and identity can be told using the already known yet transformed language like the slang of the youth.