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7 January 2019 / Events , Festivals and reviews

2019. A YEAR WITH KAZIMIERZ KUTZ at the Silesia Film Institute

The Silesia Film Institute announces the event series A YEAR WITH KAZIMIERZ KUTZ, the most important part of which will be a retrospective of the director’s films. The program includes 19 titles, which will be screened for viewers throughout the current year. Silesia Film is the only institution to organize such a wide review of Kazimierz Kutz’s filmography. The first film, “Cross of Valor”, will be screened on January 17. All films will be shown at the Kosmos Cinema in Katowice.
1 October 2018 / Events , Our films

“Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski, funded by the Silesian Film Fund, is Poland’s Oscar candidate!

On September 24, the Oscar Committee chaired by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek unanimously chose Paweł Pawlikowski’s film “Cold War” as the Polish candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
17 July 2018 / Events , Our films

“I Will Find You” – the Silesian premiere featuring the film’s creators in the Światowid Cinema

On Monday, July 23 at 7.00 pm, the Silesian premiere of the film I Will Find You directed by the brilliant documentary filmmaker Beata Dzianowicz will take place in the Światowid Cinema. The screening will be honored by guest appearances, including by the film’s director and stars – Michał Żurawski and Dariusz Chojnacki.
11 April 2018 / Other , Events

Industria is a woman. The SILESIAN FILM ARCHIVE collects films about industry

Due to the upcoming Industriada – a celebration of the Industrial Monuments Route – the Silesian Film Archive is searching for amateur films made within workers’ housing terrains and industrial plants – ironworks, mines, factories, etc. We collect the films until May 20.
23 February 2018 / Events

The International Co-production Forum Regiofund came to an end!

The first International Co-production Forum Regiofund 2017 ended this Sunday. We left behind four days of pitching, workshops, meetings with professionals and discussion panels. During those four days the young producers, sales agents and the filmmakers could gather in order to exchange their knowledge, acquire new skills and integrate. We hope that this film industry meeting will result in joint projects as well as it will expand the perspectives of all its participants.
20 February 2018 / Inne , Wydarzenia

10 years of the Silesian Film Fund and the 11th call for entries to the film financing competition

10 years ago in 2008, thanks to the openness of the Silesian voivodeship’s government, among others, the Silesian Film Fund was founded – the first Polish film fund covering an entire voivodeship, ran by the Silesia Film Institute.
1 February 2018 / Wydarzenia

The Silesian premiere of „The Giant’s Return” + meeting with Adam Sikora

We invite you to the SILESIAN PREMIERE of the absolutely marvelous film “The Giant’s Return” and a meeting with its director Adam Sikora and actress Barbara Lubos. The premiere will take place on February 15 (Thursday) at 6.00 pm at the Rialto Cinema.
30 January 2018 / Wydarzenia

The grand re-premiere of Kazimierz Kutz’s digitally renewed „Pearl in the Crown” and the Master’s 89th birthday

The SILESIA FILM Institute and the Marshal Office of the Silesia Voivodeship invite everyone to the grand re-premiere of the digitally renewed film PEARL IN THE CROWN, directed by Kazimierz Kutz, as well as celebrations of the Master’s 89th birthday.
15 January 2018 / Wydarzenia , Festiwale i przeglądy

Trespassing Bergman – on the director’s 100th birthday

This year marks the 100th birthday of Ingmar Bergman. Every month throughout the year, the Silesian Film Archive will invite viewers to participate in events related to the director’s life and work. The programme will include i.a. a retrospective of films by Bergman which set the direction of cinema, screenings of documentaries, exhibitions, discussions, meetings with researchers and enthusiasts of the director’s body of work. We start towards the end of January!
15 January 2018 / Other , Events

„A like Araki” – the latest book by Natalia Gruenpeter published by SILESIA FILM Institute

Like from a comic book, drawn with a thick line, in neon colours like that of school highlighters and shamelessly youthful, as befits a rebel. Such is the cinema of Gregg Araki, who from the end of the eighties has been telling us with the same verve about growing up and his rebellious heroes, whom he truly adores. Considered one of the most important creators of the New Queer Cinema, Araki has shown that about the story of a rebellion, alienation and identity can be told using the already known yet transformed language like the slang of the youth.