11 April 2018 / Other , Events

Industria is a woman. The SILESIAN FILM ARCHIVE collects films about industry

Due to the upcoming Industriada – a celebration of the Industrial Monuments Route – the Silesian Film Archive is searching for amateur films made within workers’ housing terrains and industrial plants – ironworks, mines, factories, etc. We collect the films until May 20.
23 February 2018 / Events

The International Co-production Forum Regiofund came to an end!

The first International Co-production Forum Regiofund 2017 ended this Sunday. We left behind four days of pitching, workshops, meetings with professionals and discussion panels. During those four days the young producers, sales agents and the filmmakers could gather in order to exchange their knowledge, acquire new skills and integrate. We hope that this film industry meeting will result in joint projects as well as it will expand the perspectives of all its participants.
23 February 2018 / Other

The Światowid Cinema nominated to the Polish Film Institute Award

The Polish Film Institute announced the list of the nominated to the 10 edition of the Award for significant achievements in popularizing and promoting Polish cinema as well as facilitating the access to the Polish film production. The Światowid Cinema received the nomination in the Cinema category.
23 February 2018 / Our films

A Press day on the set of the film by Paweł Pawlikowski

Paweł Pawlikowski, the director of the Oscar winning "Ida", is making his latest film in the Silesian voivodeship. This Thursday the set of “Cold War” will be open to the journalists so they could take a look behind the scenes of the Opus Film and the Silesia Film Institute co-production.
20 February 2018 / Inne , Wydarzenia

10 years of the Silesian Film Fund and the 11th call for entries to the film financing competition

10 years ago in 2008, thanks to the openness of the Silesian voivodeship’s government, among others, the Silesian Film Fund was founded – the first Polish film fund covering an entire voivodeship, ran by the Silesia Film Institute.