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REGIOFUN is our most important festival. It is addressed to film producers from all over the world and exactly due to this producer-focused perspective that the festival combines REGIONS (i.e. regional/national film funds) with FUN (i.e. the undeniable entertainment of dealing with finances, like finalizing the budget – probably the greatest challenge any producer needs to face ;).

The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of FILM PRODUCERS is the only meeting held for film industry in Poland, which is addressed to professionals but also open to the audience and cinema enthusiasts. Since 2010 the following people, among others, have taken part in our festival as guests and jurors: Cass Warner, Ingrid Lill Høgtun, Paul Moody, Chiara Coppola, Marcin Koszałka, Dariusz Jabłoński, Jerzy Kapuściński, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, Christian Szarfaniak, Kevin Dolan, Brendan McCarthy, Adam Sikora, Paweł Łoziński. In the course of the festival one can see, among others: overviews of films supported by particular film funds, Young Producer Workshops, Look For Fund Forum carried out on a one-to-one basis, industry meetings, concerts, Postcard to Producer competition in which viewers show their favourite locations in the Silesian Voivodeship to producers. And, above all, a film competition whose winners – producers, naturally! – are granted financial awards by both the festival jury and the audience.

Up till now the following producers received awards during the previous editions of REGIOFUN:


Prizes | HI FILM PRODUCTION, Magic Production, Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Christian Frei, Michał Majerski, Breakthru Films, Carsten Strauch Filmproduktion

Audience Award | Włodzimierz Niderhaus

Honourable Mentions | Video Studio Gdańsk, Ron Denys, Aurélia Prévin


Prizes | Metro Films, SE-MA-FOR Produkcja Filmowa, Sapir College

Audience Award | Monocle Studio

Honourable Mentions | Opus Film, Les Films du Poisson


Prizes | Eddie Saeta, Niama Film Production, Wajda Studio, Port-Au-Prince Film & Kulturproduction GmbH

Audience Award | Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion


Prizes | Europolis Film, Solita films

Audience Award | Dog Ear Films

Honourable Mentions | A Team Productions, Philantiq S.L.


Prizes | Veren Gräfe-Höft, Nirvein Films, Prodo Films, Kris Mergan

Audience Award | Veren Gräfe-Höft