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Silesian Film Archive

Labyrinths of corridors, hundreds of thousands of round boxes filled with uncountable metres of film tape… A mysterious place which lures genuine magicians into its casemates – people who can work miracles, they are doctors specializing in film souls and their adept hands examine celluloid tapes frame after frame, 24 frames per second (which can expand here into long hours), and improve them tending to every hue, eliminating scratches, moistening…

It is the only (sic!) regional film archive in Poland. Thanks to it we accumulate film treasures, store them and MAKE them AVAILABLE on 16mm, 35mm tape and DVDs along with a rich (and constantly updated!) collection of magazines and books! At your disposal there is a MEDIATEKA (i.e. a Multimedia Library and Film Archive) – open 7 days a week till 8 p.m. – where you can find everything you need. It is enough to enter the “Kosmos” Cinema through the glass door in the Film Art Centre building at 66 Sokolska Street in Katowice… and go through another glass door on the left 🙂 We also cooperate with cinemas, community centres and other institutions, whose activity is connected with promoting and propagating film culture – we provide them with access to our film archive, we proffer advice and help regarding merit and content.

Despite the fact that its major part is hidden underground where the archive’s casements constitute genuine fortifications, which protect its collection from the pernicious influence of the outside world, its underground activity every so often reaches out into the Cosmos. Look carefully… KAKADU (i.e. the Cosmic Club of Children Activity) is an educational project of the Silesian Film Archive, as well as such series of cultural events as The Great Absent, Criminal Thursdays, or Thinking Live realized in cooperation with the “Tygodnik Powszechny”… And no concrete ceiling is going to stop the film archive from expansion!