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Silesian Film Fund

Because financial – it is the most desirable tool supporting producers and filmmakers. Since 2008 it has contributed to the making of 41 films.

The manual of the Silesian Film Fund is pretty easy: as a new year begins, we announce the recruitment to the competition and give information on the budget that is currently at our disposal (0,5-1,5 mln PLN, it may vary depending on a year). The applications can be submitted till mid March. The results are announced in the first half of June at the latest, so as the filmmakers do not waist their shooting time and good light :).


Apart from the traditional path based on the assessment of the application by the experts, there will be an additional path, with no experts’ assessment at all. Another quite important change is the fact that the costs will be eligible from the beginning of 2014.

There is only one basic criterion for the applications; the connection between a film and the province of Silesia, either through:

  1. Place of action
  2. Theme

This connection does not necessarily have to be both. When following the traditional path, the most important is that the experts gave the highest scores to the project in terms of its content. Only then the producer can count on the co-financing of the film up to 50% of its budget. When choosing the crowdfunding, it is the audience assessment that matters – if a producer gathers 50% of the film budget using the crowdfunding, and has 20% of his own contribution, we without any discussion – if only the application is free from formal errors – will finance the remaining 30% (however, no less than 10 000 and no more than 200 000 PLN).

Then, it is pretty much downhill – we inform the executive producer about the decision on co-financing and the proposed financial contribution and…real quick but tough negotiations begin as far as the contract goes 😀  After all, it is the real money that we are speaking here. And we can not only calculate the money as film frames, but also as numbers :).

We are doing our Best to co-produce only the best films, which does not always mean that are the money-making ones.  We appreciate the art house cinema. It is the quality of the project that matters – nevertheless we keep our eyes open to success. We are aware that every penny that the filmmakers will earn, will come back to them next year.

Our previous productions are as follows: “The Congress” by Ari Folman (production: Pandora Film), “Life Feels Good” by Maciej Pieprzyca (production: Tramway Film Studio), and the 2012 top Polish Box Office “You are God” by leszek Dawid (production: KADR Film Studio). A detailed list can be downloaded here in PDF format:

Download silesia-film-fund-2008-2015.pdf