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About us

Since 1945, when our Institution was established, our domain has been the film.

We deal with its dissemination and promotion, we run projects popularizing film culture, we support various actions directly and indirectly related to film industry.

We are a cultural institution operating under the auspices of the Silesian Voivodeship local government.

Our objectives include developing the Silesian Film Fund, with special focus on the Silesian Film Commission, as well as networking in the Silesian Voivodeship among small, local cinemas which present repertoire of high artistic value. Our flagship project is the International Festival of Film Producers, organized in Katowice every year in October.

We operate in four spheres connected with:

Professional Activity

We co-produce the films which play a special role in promoting our region making use of the grants provided from the Silesian Film Fund, administered by us.

We handle film distribution and facilitate energetic development of the Silesian Film Commission whose objective is to present Silesia as an attractive place and as a localization convenient for film production.


We organize the MFPF REGIOFUN which generates co-operation among producers, local governments and film commissions.

It is the only festival in this part of Europe devoted to the cinema created thanks to the support from Regional Film Funds as well as the aid provided by cities.

MFPF REGIOFUN stands for films that reach beyond the borders of states and states of mind, meetings that promote regions, discussions that inspire to act, workshops that develop skills of young producers and sightseeing tours to most important film locations.

Above all, we grant financial awards to the best producers.


We run the only regional Silesian Film Archive in Poland, where one can find the jewels of cinematography from our country and the whole world.

We emphasize interdisciplinary education, we carry out publishing activity and animate various events to make the world resonate with films.

We do our best to convince the world to admire outstanding Silesian filmmakers.


We manage a network of 5 cinemas in our voivodeship - each one of them has a distinctive personality ad an artistic soul full of commitment and enthusiasm (in Katowice these cinemas are as follows: Kosmos Cinema. Film Art Centre, Światowid Cinema, Kinoteatr Rialto; in Żywiec: Janosik Cinema, and in Racibórz: Bałtyk Cinema).

Thanks to this network we are able to create and stimulate our film reality independently.

Moreover, every month through the Chronicle of Silesian Film Archive, we document changes in the modern world to keep culture thriving and the film reel spinning.

As benefits a film institution, we make an effort to trensform - frame after frame - the film that surrounds us into a better captured world, and we do our best to turn - day after day - the reality into a better and better realized film.

We are a bunch of aficionados and a plague named film - rolled into one.