Na zdjęciu mężczyzna patrzący na ogłoszenie przyklejone na murze.
„Shreds”, dir. Beata Dzianowicz, © WFDiF


director: Beata Dzianowicz, production: 2022, Poland

The second feature film by Beata Dzianowicz from Katowice, awarded at festivals in Gdynia, Warsaw, and Chicago. Grzegorz Przybył, Michał Żurawski, Agnieszka Radzikowska, and Pola Król have created a moving picture of a family affected by Alzheimer’s disease. In Beata Dzianowicz’s film, the interiors where family life takes place are a witness, and at the same time a symbol of the drama of struggling with an incurable disease. The previously safe space begins to pose a threat, it is a source of suffering and loneliness. The apartment, school, university, and hospital were set up in Silesian locations: in Gliwice, Zabrze, and in the A. Mickiewicz High School No. 3 in Katowice, which played the workplace of the main married couple in the film.

In the photo: Michał Żurawski in front of the gate of the A. Mickiewicz High School No. 3 in Katowice.